Word Descrambler

Word Descrambler is a tool that helps you create many words form scrambled letters. Simply write the letters in the text box and click on Descramble, then it will check the dictionaries and give you all words that are made by those letters.

Word Descrambler

You can use it to find words for scrabble games and get a higher score by saving your time. You can add a blank space too to increase length of the words by one hidden letter.

How it Works?

This tool is very simple to use. It gives you words ranging from 2 letter length to 18 letter words. For example if you write “lkeit” and click on Descramble, then you will get the following words.

  • 2 Letter Words : ki6 , et2, ti2, li2, etc
  • 3 Letter Words : kit7, lie4, tie3, let3, etc
  • 4 Letter Words : kite8, lite4, like8, etc

Here the small number at the end of each word indicates its score for the scrabble games. While if you click on any word then you will also get its definition.