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Word Unscrambler

Unscramble Words and Letters

WordUnscrambler is an online tool that helps you score better in scrabble word games by giving you all possible words that can be made from scrambled letters. With the help of this website you can find almost all words in all famous scramble words games like Scrabble, The Pixie Pit, Just Words, words With Friends, WordFeud and many other anagram solver games.

Unscramble Words


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How to use Word Unscrambler?

Write all scrambled letters in the text box above and click on unscramble. You will get a list of all new words made from those scrambled letters. You can write maximum 18 letters. You can save both your time and energy by using this tool to find all hidden words, if you are stuck in any scrabble game online or offline. By using wordunscrambler you will get different length words varying from 2-letter words to 18-letter words. Suppose you are going to unscramble "fnie", then you will get words like this:

If you click on any word then you will also get meaning of that word from dictionary.
Note : At the end of every word you will see a subscripted number, that tells you the score of the word for scrabble game. For example the word fine will be shown as "fine7"

How to write blank tiles?

Well, simply write a question mark "?" or a space, if you are going to use a blank tile too in your scrabble game. If the newly created words had a letter from that blank tile then that will be shown as red. For example if you write "g?" then the newly created word will be shown as "go" where o tells that it is a letter from blank tile.

Advanced Options?

Advanced Options give you the ability to choose dictionary of your choice.
"International (US/British)" Shows words from international both US/British English.
"US Dictionary" Shows words from US English only.
"While Special Words show only specific and mostly used English words only.
If you want to limit the words shown (because the list is very wrong), then you can use the advanced options to show words starting or ending with specific letters only..

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